Rebel Butterfly A boutique Music & Event promotions company

  • Creative

    Rebel Butterfly works creatively and only on projects for which we feel passionate. With understanding of you and your project, we identify and create concepts, tailoring each campaign individually to get the facts and image across that you want the world to see.


  • Worldwide

    Rebel Butterfly promotes to print, radio and web media worldwide. The advance of the web means a literal ‘world’ of opportunities and instant resources to get you further. Whether it is promoting a live show in Belgium or servicing your album to a website in Japan, the promotion opportunities are endless...


  • Target

    Utilising our 10,000 strong email database of media, promoters, agents and general music-related people worldwide, we guarantee your message reaches the right audience.

    Our aim is to cover every promotional outlet relevant to you, leaving nothing untouched to create a buzz ...